About Us

Why did you start this brand?

We started Willthy because we love Bitcoin and how the overall crypto ecosystem is going to transform the world. We want to walk out on the street and show others that there is a monetary paradigm shift taking place RIGHT NOW as the money printer go BRRRR. We couldn't find crypto apparel that are both sophisticated in design and fashion forward, so we decided to start Willthy. Willthy is a brand you can trust with superior quality and service. We want to make YOU look BETTER and SMARTER as you build your generational wealth. Go ahead and check out all our products.

What is the meaning of Willthy?

Very simple! Willthy is a play on word of "Wealthy". We love the mentality of willingness to be wealthy.

What are the brand's core values and what makes you special?

Whether you are a small investor, BTC maximalist, yield farmer, Alt SZN club promoter or a VC patting themselves on the back, our customers trust us with quality products and designs that you won't get anywhere else. We believe Bitcoin and crypto will fix the world.

Stay humble, work hard, get Willthy.